Having to file bankruptcy was never something I thought I would have to do. Therefore I didn't bother to learn about the process. The staff at Keith Y. Boyd are amazing! They are extremely knowledgeable and walked me through every step taking the time to make sure I understood what bankruptcy would mean for me before, during and after the process. The best part of my experience is that I felt like a person and not a case number. I can't stress that enough. They were incredibly kind to me and that really made all the difference. Thank you all for helping me through this process.

Our Practice

We have substantial experience in advising financially distressed individuals and businesses as they evaluate their options, including Chapter 7 liquidation, Chapter 13 reorganization, Chapter 11 reorganization, Chapter 12 reorganization, and out-of-court workouts.

Oregon Commercial Bankruptcy

We represent clients in Chapter 11 business reorganizations, Chapter 12 farmer or fisherman reorganizations, and Chapter 13 proprietorship reorganizations.

We guide clients through the bankruptcy planning and have the experience needed to analyze your financial situation and build a viable repayment plan commensurate with the bankruptcy option that best fits your circumstances.

Oregon Consumer Bankruptcy

The best way to receive Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 help is to start by selecting an attorney who understands the details of Federal and State law, as well as the local rules and procedures for filing for bankruptcy in your area.

We provide the help you need by identifying the type of bankruptcy that is best for your financial situation and handling every step of process… from filing to plan confirmation to discharge. With our help, you have an excellent opportunity to protect your assets and ensure a bright future, including dealing with issues such as...

  • Keep your home, car, and most valued possessions.
  • Stop wage garnishment and reductions from your paycheck.
  • Eliminate debt, including taxes and second mortgages on your home.
  • Stop vehicle repossession and home foreclosure.
  • End harassing collection calls and letters from creditors.